65 acres Lifestyle property

Background An existing High-Net-Worth client was looking to purchase a small lifestyle property in NSW. A property was sought and the funding was provided at 60% gearing (we could have moved higher to 70%) as there was a strong cash deposit from the recent sale of a business.

Land and duplex construction

Background An existing investor client came to us with the intention of funding a new and subdivision purchase and duplex construction. The investor had already secured the land prior to title being issued and already had all necessary build docs prepared (contract, specifications, plans). We funded the land settlement at 80%, interest-only and provided approval […]

First Home Buyer, 12 acres, single dwelling, unimproved

Background Client was looking to purchase their first propertv. The original intention was to buy land-only but this was not going to allow the client to access First Home Buyer benefits. An existing home that needed renovation was purchased with land fundamentally unimproved Client was originally looking at larger land with now dwelling on it […]

248 acres, lifestyle property, 3x dwellings, extensive shedding

Background Clients brief was to purchase a productive but small lifestyle block in the Upper Hunter, NSW. Clients main profession was in medico, however there was previous experience in running livestock and cropping. A property that offered a mixture of great arable country, as well as undulating wooded grazing country with a size of 248acres. […]

80 acres, cropping zoning, single dwelling

Background clients referred by local friend were looking to buy an investment block interstate. The block was going to have the house rented the clients would move interstate to occupy the property. Finance was provided under a residential structure with tonger term, cheaper fixed rate to 2-years. Property had 2D aces, sepic, solariattery set up, […]

80 acres, cropping zoning, single dwelling

80 acres, cropping zoning, single dwelling